2014 recap December 31, 2014

Only a few more hours and we can celebrate another new year. 2015 will probably be one of the most exciting, important and unpredictable years career wise, but more on that really really soon. Let’s see what happened in 2014!

In 2014…

I moved back to Ghent. The biggest change for me this year was moving in together with my boyfriend. Getting our apartment ready was one hell of a job but we did it and I absolutely love living here. I hope there are many years to come in our beloved home!

The best buys this year: my Givenchy bag and the Acne flower sweater which was the ultimate second hand buy. I also learned to choose my clothing more wisely. More good stuff, less impulsive buys. (although I can’t resist to give myself a little present from time to time)

I traveled to Paris for work, Goudargues and Berlin. Let’s hope I can travel some more in the next year.

I went to Justin Timberlake and I got to see my teenage heroes Blink 182 play thanks to CKS. This also reminds me I should go to concerts more often in 2015.

We got little Maurice just a little more than a month ago and I can’t imagine my life anymore without this little fella.

My best beauty discovery this year was definitely the HD eyebrow treat. I hated my eyebrows but thanks to Ilse they are perfect now!

I also got rid of my ombre and bangs this year (kind of a big deal over here!) and went for a dark brown hairdo. No regrets ever since.

I discovered I’m gluten intolerant. For you this probably isn’t something big but after years of stomach problems and feeling bad all the time, I finally found out what was wrong and I’m so happy about that. It took some adjustments (bye bye cake, pie, bread, pasta and everything that is delicious) but I feel a lot better now. And I have the best cook at home!

And I kept blogging this year! Although I don’t post as much as I actually want, I’m pretty happy with the posts I wrote. These are my favourite outfits of the year. It’s also kinda fun to see how much my hair changed!

Sooooo this was it. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog this year. I wish you all a wonderful new year with a lot of new adventures, health for you and your family and a lot of love. Bring it on 2015, I’m ready for you!


  1. Rebeca Hdz

    Have an amazing 2015, best wishes from México. Your looks are really inspirationals… ;D

    Felices fiestas!

  2. petra

    Leuk overzichtje en wat een geweldige foto’s! Happy new year!

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