Holiday snapshots October 8, 2014

With these gloomy fall days I’m longing for a sunny destination even more. Luckily I have some (read: A LOT) snapshots from my holiday in France I haven’t show you yet. Throw back to summer in three, two, one… Go!
Can I go back please?


  1. Dionne

    Wauw! Wat een prachtige foto’s!

  2. Laura

    Pfff summer, where are you?! Gorgeous pictures. Love your black bikini by the way!

  3. Ineke

    Echt super mooie foto’s!

  4. Ivana

    Hahah, this is really funny! I just added your blog to my bookmarks yesterday, when I noticed that your last post and my last post are on the same topic =) It seems that everybody misses the summer these days.
    Really wonderful pictures!

  5. Petra

    Oh my, where are those gorgeous pineapple shorts from??? Thanks!:)

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