My change for the better January 6, 2014

With a new year, my change for the better project with special K did end too. It’s time to look back, see what actually changed, and give you a few tips on how to start a healthier life.

FOOD: before I started this whole project my eating habits were horrible because of some personal reasons. It’s still not what it should be but at least I don’t skip meals anymore, I eat more regularly and I try to eat as healthy as I can. That doesn’t mean I skip all the cookies of course.
Most of the time I start breakfast with (greek) yoghurt, muesli or Special K and some fresh fruit. Sometimes I add some raisins and honey to make it less boring. I also eat a lot of fruit, drink smoothies now and then for an energy boost and my new favourite snack is tangerines covered with dark chocolate (healthier than milk chocolate) and a pinch of sea salt. Further I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I eat a lot of vegetables and fish like salmon. Would you be interested to see more recipes on the blog?

WORK OUT: Something else that changed a lot is working out. It was never my intention to lose weight (I should gain weight to be honest) but get a better condition and get a little more toned. Still working on that part.
I bought myself a longboard which I enjoyed while it was summer but now it’s rainy and cold I like to work out in my room. I got a little help from blogilates and I gathered myself some handy exercises too which you can find here, here, here and here.

SPORTSWEAR: Working out is a lot more fun when you have cool sport clothes! When I managed to stick to my working out routine, I rewarded myself with a new top, or a new pair of running shoes. That way it’s easier to keep going. I found a lot (with discounts!) here.

DRINK WATER: From always drinking soda, I now only try to drink soda when I eat, just because I think it’s more tasty. In between meals I try to drink as much water as I can. I actually don’t like water so sometimes I add some lemon or cucumber to get some flavor. I know that I should drink even more water but I’m afraid I like my coke a day too much. It does justice for your body though, inside AND outside.

THE OUTSIDE: As much I want to feel good inside, it’s also important for me to look good on the outside. When I pamper myself with scrubs and bodylotions I get more aware of my body and it’s somehow easier to stick with my workout routine. Favourites are scrub from & Other Stories and Rituals and body butter from Kiehls.

So, that was it, let’s get started this new year, 166 days to go till summer so time to get bikiniproof!


  1. Hannelore

    Na mijn yogales beloon ik mezelf ook altijd met een uitgebreid douchemoment, inclusief scrubjes en maskertjes. Heerlijk!

  2. Jolien

    Die mandarijntjes met chocolat, dat moet ik ook eens proberen!

  3. Nina / Hermania

    Ik drink zo goed als alleen maar water, en dat gebruik ik ook altijd als excuus wanneer ik ongezond eet en niet sport (wat vrij veel is de laatste tijd…)

  4. Margot

    Leuk dat je zo eerlijk bent tegenover jezelf. Dat is de start voor een betere levensstijl uiteraard. Je moet gewoon onthouden dat je uw gewoontes niet in een paar weken kunt veranderen, maar dat je het tijd moet geven om ja… er gewoon aan te worden! :) Receptjes zo nu en dan op je blog lijken mij wel leuk! Keep up the good work!

    Op mijn blog vind je alvast gezonde recepten en postjes over mijn work outs. Zeker checken! :)

  5. Silke

    Motiverende post wel, ik krijg meteen zin om gezonder te gaan leven zo :)

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