What’s in my bag December 11, 2013

Just like every woman, I carry way too much with me in my bag. And just like every woman, I’m curious what’s in another bag. That’s why I decided to show you what I take with me on an ordinary workday.

First the essentials: wallet from & Other Stories, iPhone (case from Another Case) and keys. Then I have a lot of beautystuff going on like handcream, lipbalm (both from Kiehls) and a gazillion lipsticks. Here’s just one though, a chubby stick from Clinique, which is still one of my favorites.

Also in my bag: perfume! Today it was this one from Rituals, but it depends on what scent I’m wearing that day so I can spray some on when I need a little boost.

With my new job, I always carry a little notebook and a pen with me to write down some random ideas, also for blogging. You can find more pretty notebooks here by the way.

And last but not least some band-aids, ’cause fashion above comfort, and some lost jewelry. Do you spy some similarities with your bag?


  1. Nina / Hermania

    Oh god, asos does have some adorable / funny notebooks! I carry pretty much the same stuff + maybe a bottle of water

  2. Sarah | Tales of a Tanglefish

    Lovely iPhone case! Too bad Another Case only makes cases for iPhones though :-(
    Anyway, your handbag still seems pretty lightweight compared to mine! In addition to what you are carrying, I also always stuff a deodorant, my glasses, Walkman and usually a book in there as well. Small handbags are my enemy! ;-)

  3. Le Chat Noir

    Super mooi notieboekje! Ik herken mezelf vooral in ‘the lost jewelry’ :D

  4. Natalie (latanie)

    Leuk! De Kiehl’s lipbalm is echt een life saver! Leuke cover ook! ^^

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