Morning routine October 17, 2013

I’m sorry for the absence once again but it’s all for a good cause… I hope to tell you more soon though, fingers crossed. But let’s talk about our morning routine today. Yes, our, ’cause Hannes will talk too today!

Most of the time, I start my day with breakfast and a smoothie, going through my mails and check out my favourite blogs and magazines. Then I take a shower.

After my shower I take care of my skin. Always. I just can’t live without a good moisturizer, certainly not when it gets colder. My favourite products at the moment are the Calendula herbal extract-toner and the Ultra facial cream from Kiehl’s. After that it’s make-up time. First I use a primer ’cause I really feel a difference when I use it. Everything stays in place the whole day. This one is from & Other Stories. After that I use a BB cream from Garnier, mascara from Clinique, blush from MAC and lipstick from Chanel.

Hannes on the other hand always starts the day with coffee but I’ll let him do the talk ;-)

I usually wake up after my second coffee (you don’t want to see me before that time). And since I spend too much of my morning time drinking coffee and reading, my bathroom routine is limited to the bare essentials: a good shower and a good shaver.

My Braun °CoolTec shaver is my morning lifesaver. It’s fast, it’s sharp and it’s smooth as f*ck. What really sets this one apart from the other shavers I had before is its active cooling technology. It cools down your skin while shaving, reducing skin irritation (and you really feel and see the difference). Big win since I usually rush through the shaving as fast as I can. And when I’m really in a hurry, I can just shower and shave at the same time.

After the things that need to be done, our time now mostly consists of looking for a job and getting some work done for the blog. What is your morning routine?


  1. Le Chat Noir

    Leuke post! Ik zou ook een bij Khiel’s moeten passeren en een primer testten als het echt een verschil maakt :)

  2. Mafalda

    I’m turning to organic products: rose water as a tonic, sweet almond day cream from Weleda, argan oil as a night cream (it’s anti ageing and only costs 5€), and I couldn’t live without coconut oil which I use as a mask for my hair, it’s cheap and I get the best results!
    I also invested in an expensive pulsed light hair removal device which is great, as I won’t have anymore hair to wax in a few months. It’s fantastic, and I wish I’d been able to do it when I was younger, I would have saved time and money.
    Mafalda ❤

  3. Laurein

    Ik heb net exact dezelfde blush en kwast! Mijne routine is eerder ne mix van koffie en goede verzorging ;)

  4. Nina / Hermania

    Ik sta meestal goed op tijd op, en “verspil” daarna zo veel tijd aan blogs en make up dat ik mij toch altijd ineens moet haasten :D

  5. tripstreasures

    Leuke producten! Tot nu toe heb ik ook alleen maar goede ervaringen met de &other stories beauty items. Zou je me misschien de naam/nummer van die Mac blush kunnen geven? Ziet er een mooie naturelle kleur uit

    1. Eline Post author

      De naam van de blush is ‘Sincere’ en al een hele tijd mijn favoriet ;-)

      1. tripstreasures

        Dankjewel voor de snelle reactie :) Ik ga hem dit weekend eens gaan testen bij MAC

  6. Silke

    Zo’n leuk shortje!
    En fijn idee, een post samen met Hannes

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