The perfect knit December 30, 2011

Wearing/ h&m sweater, abercrombie and fitch jeans, mango boots, asos ring, hermès watch

Here’s an outfit with my sweater I found in sales. It’s definitely the warmest sweater I’ve ever owned. And another great thing: it’s not all black again! I guess this is my new years resolution for 2012, wear more colors haha. We’ll see ;-)

Do you have any good intentions for the upcoming year?


  1. Anonymous

    ge zou vaker moeten lachen! ge hebt zo’n mooie lach haha :D

  2. Lotte

    Aah, ik kom ook commenten: U lach is zo schattig ^^

  3. Anna C

    This sweater is pure love!♥I love your style: clean and fashionable! :d
    Just discovered your blog and now I´m following you.

  4. Marijke

    Die trui ziet er inderdaad perfect uit! Mooie kleur ook :).

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