2011 recap December 31, 2011

The last day of 2011 already. This year has flown by so fast! For me it was a year with ups and downs. I quit school, had to be without my boyfriend for 4,5 months, struggled with a lot of things and I started this blog.

Thanks to this blog (and the new degree I started) I found out fashion is something I really really like and I hope to continue what I like in 2012. I want to thank my boyfriend, sister and parents for being there for me this year when things weren’t going so well and my friends, you know who you are :-)

I also want to thank my boyfriend for taking the pictures of me for the blog and for still loving me when I’m whining again about clothes or bags I want haha. I love you, this was definitely the best year ever when it comes to love (yep, tomorrow it’s our one year anniversary!)

I also want to thank you, my readers for following this blog and leave such nice comments every time! It’s nice to know you’re not only writing for yourself. Ok, enough sentimental words! I’m going to get ready and have a blast!

Happy New year!


  1. Anna

    Mooie foto’s! Dat moet een heftig jaar geweest zijn zeg! Gelukkig gaat het nu allemaal weer wat beter – tenminste, dat denk ik :-)?
    In ieder geval, heel veel plezier vanavond en morgen!

    Bedankt voor je reactie!


  2. Jorien

    Hey Eline,

    Je kent mij waarschijnlijk niet (ik ken je als ‘het vriendinnetje van Hannes’). Ik heb een tijdje geleden je blog ontdekt en vind hem heel leuk :) In 2012 blijf ik volgen.

    Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

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